Splashes and overlays || REQUEST THREAD (INK & LL)

Hey everyone, I make splashes and overlays. If you want one, comment below with your character deets, screenshots and poses and explain what overlay you want.
Here are the examples:


This is the one I made for my story


image image


Very talented!

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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So I need 5 door overlays and a splash as soon as possible. Can you do it? If you can do it,
I’ll send you the details.

Send me the details

Sorry for the late reply but here are the details. I want you cut out the door and place the gems on the doors, provided next to each door. Make them png. and The gems must be of same size and placed at the same spot on every door

fiberglassdoors-main pink%20gem

images red%20gem

door white%20gem

I know it’s too much. But thank you so much!

And for the splash…

I want an account splash

Instagram: @mahi_episode

Twitter: @EpisodeMahi



It may take some days, but I’ll try to do it asap!

Can you make a splash for me? It’s for the ending of every episode


Hello I need a stair overlay in this scene



I’m not getting exactly what you want.

It’s really hard to explain too :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Okay. So… All you have to do is cut out all the gems and make sure their size are same and then place them on the doors… And they must be on the same spot on every door.

Oh and you have to cut out the doors from the scene and make he doors png

Something like this.

Okay got it :joy:

Here, love :heart:
Don’t forget to give me credits @shweta_episode

Here’s your splash request :revolving_hearts:

Don’t forget to give me credits @shweta_episode