Splashes! but how?

As long as you use the free items on Canva, I think you’re good for most uses.

Where did you read that you can’t make jpeg/png files on Canva and use those?


One of my friends told me that they are copyrighted :sob:

If you don’t mind me asking how do I get fonts from other sites to canva?

Here’s the info from Canva’s website.

If you want a free editing software I can recommend Gimp - it’s essentially the same thing as photoshop but you do need a computer to use it.

Also, from reading their website info, the only copyrighted things are under the “Pro” assets. Use of the free assets are considered under CC0 licensing which is free for public use and can be used for commercial use with certain conditions met. Here’s the full site info:https://www.canva.com/help/using-canva-to-create-products-for-sale/#:~:text=Canva’s%20Content%20License%20Agreement%20does,stickers%2C%20and%20other%20printed%20products


This is also the conclusion I have come to when reading their terms.

Also, most free images on Canva are from either Pixabay or Pexels. So, the same license applies to those images on Canva as they do on their websites.


I’ve never used Canva but from reading their terms it seems very convoluted for people to use - like the whole 'you can use our assets for sale but only the free ones and only if it’s a completely original design/template but only if you x y z"
I’d rather use editing software and free use sites to make backgrounds/splashes/overlays etc. It seems much less complicated. lol

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Pixabay, unsplash and websites like that are free to use and for fonts, you can use fontspace.com. Also if you’re still struggling to make some, I could make some for you if you want and here are 3 examples of mine.

examples of splashes!


Thankyou for your help but girl, I really want to learn about these things. :sob::pinched_fingers:t3:

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You’re welcome and got it, if you still need help I can try to teach you as I’m free and a bit bored. You can pm me here or on IG at @alima.episode123

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Thankyou :white_heart::sparkles:

Thankyou girl for helping me out :white_heart::white_heart:

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Got it thanks bae :purple_heart::purple_heart:

No problem 🩷

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No problem - for downloadable fonts I use 1001fonts.com and dafont.com.
On 1001fonts - pay attention to the little green tags to the right of the text display as that will tell you if it’s free for commercial use (like episode or other creative works.)
On dafont- there’s a ‘more options’ in the filter bar above the text displays -select 100% free and they are the ones that are free for commercial use.

Good luck :slight_smile: If you do decide to get gimp, I can help you through learning the basics :slight_smile:

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If you can help with gimp that would be great as I have heard it’s a great application for editing too

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I feel like its one of the better free editing software and once you get the basics down you can start experimenting with other settings and filters etc. I use it for creating backgrounds, overlays, edits etc. and have found very few things I can’t accomplish with it. There are also really useful plug-ins and add ons that make it even more comparable to photoshop without the expensive subscription.

So, just pm me if you do download it (here’s the site because people like to clone websites : www.gimp.org ) and I’ll be more than happy to help :slight_smile:

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It’s already downloaded on my laptop. I downloaded it two months back

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Using content in your designs

By using content in a design or a composition, you’re creating something unique – once you do, there are very few restrictions on what you can do with your creations. Go wild!

However, standalone content (e.g. a photo used on its own without any other design elements) has restrictions – for example, it can’t be printed on products or merchandise for sale.

It is never OK to sell Canva Content on a standalone basis (e.g. put one of our template designs on a t-shirt and sell it as-is). Your designs should always be your own creations.

you are good it not copyright unless you use it on its own