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**Welcome to Our splashes, cover and Art request shop🤗 We are here to help and to do our best to achieve you requests In order for us to work together PLEASE follow the instructions below Thank You! **

You can request covers and splashes and art scenes for your stories here!

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some of @Ashleyboo works


here are some of @zara3 examples


Some of her works

images download download (1)


Credit MerrD on forums for these amazing art scenes and splashes!



DISCLAIMER Please treat our artists with respect when asking, accepting or waiting on your request!! Sometimes your request may get declined If it’s too difficult or complicated so please don’t get upset!!


1: Each member can only accept 3 requests
2: No drama! we do NOT tolerate any violence!
3:Respect your creators
4:If there are changes to be done you can ask but with respect
6:You must ask creators how they would like to be credited!
7:Members can deny any request they want to
8:No thread hopping please!!
9:Do NOT steal any splash, cover or art!

All rules must be followed in order for all of us to be happy



*Cover form*

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. Title
. Style (Ink or LL)
. Number of characters (max 3)
. Details of each characters
. Outfit of each characters
. The artist you want
. Pose you want (we will try to do our best)

Art scenes

Art form

. What are you requesting?
. Password
. Style (INK or LL)
..Character details
. Picture of character (if needed)
. Clothes for the character (the names of the clothes
. Pose
. Background
. Panels(1, 2, 3)
. View (full body, upper half, face)
. Special request
. Who do you want to do your art?


*Splash form*

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. What do you want it to say?
. If their are characters state outfit and what they are doing and their details
. Style (Ink or LL)
. What artist would you like?
. Background

On instagram or on forums!Ask artists how they want to be credited!! Thank you for requesting here🤗!!


Hey… can the artists make artscene…?
I really need one :sweat_smile:

Hey! If anyone one of you are interested in making a small cover of two characters, please let me know.

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My instagram is @aurore.episode
. Title In His Arms
. Style (Ink or LL) LL
. Number of characters (max 3) 2
. Details of each characters

. Outfit of each characters In pictures above
. The artist you want @zara3
. Pose ideas (we will try to do our best) The pose in "soon"
. Genre Romance

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thanks for requesting bit can you spell the artists name correctly:)

Oh ok I’ll contact you if I want splashes or covers

sure just text the details and the artists name


Sorry! I just read it from the corner of one of the covers made, I would like @zara3

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thank you for requesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but can you add it to your request

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I did :grin:

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Would you like the splash to be the same pose as well?

Yes please!

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Hello I was wondering If you can make me a instagram splash I’d like it to say

don’t forget to follow me on instagram @a._episode for sneak peaks and updates

The Style I’d like is limelight
and the background should be camouflage

and their is one female character one the splash and she’s idle_handsonhips_loop

these are her details-
Body type: Female Generic Body
Skin tone: Copper 07
Eyebrows: Arched Natural/ Black Dark
Hair: Dreads Braided/ Black Dark
Eyes: Deepset Downturned/ Brown Black
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Flared Upturned
Lips: Full Round Pouty/ Rose medium nude gloss

Her outfit:
Top: Spaghetti Strap Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Shirt Cotton Grey
Buttons: Camo Chic Outfit Skirt
footwear: Lace Cape Stilleto Heels Leathergreen Olive
Necklace: Engagement Ring Silver Diamond

Which artist would you like to do it?

What are the artist names I couldn’t find them

They are at the top💖

I’d like Ashley boo to do it please :kissing_heart:

Ok thanks for requesting💖

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your welcome