Splashes, covers and Art scenes requests shop!❤✨ [FREE][OPEN]

Here’s your splash

Hope you like it…tell me if there’s any changes need to be done!:sparkling_heart:

this is perfect but the hair is wrong it was

I can fixed the hair, tell me the hair detail

Hey! Sorry for taking so long, Schools have opened up and now I mostly spend the day there:( cri What would be the background? (for both the splash and the cover) Would you like it just random?:))
(I’ll do it random for now, just tell me if you have a preferred background) :smiley:

I can!


Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 10.59.16 PM

This was the style and the hair color should be black

Random is fine, preferably a darker bg! And also on the splash, can you add thanks for reading?

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Of course!

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You are amazing!!!

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You are too!! :two_hearts:

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Cool give me a couple mins I will have your splash ready!:heart:

Thank u

Is this better?

Your splash

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Hey! Sorry for taking a bit of awhile, this isn’t really amazing so you don’t have to use if it you don’t want to! :purple_heart:



Do tell me if you want anything changed!

I love them!! How would you like to be credited ?

I’m glad you like them! My forums name would be great! :smiley:

That’s perfect

Hello I was wondering if you could make me a cover for my story

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Thanks, I would like to be credited @AshleyloveEpsiode21 on insta :heart:

I’ll credit you :heart: and thank u

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