Splashes covers and profile pictures

Hey If you would want a splash profile picture or cover just put the details in the comments I do them very quick!

Here are my examples



image image

If you want anything put in the comments the details for characters and anything else you think I need to know


For some reason I can only find two

I’m not interested, but I would suggest you keep outline entries out of your examples. It’s not your work, you just colored them.:slightly_smiling_face:

Ye I was thinking that thx

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Hello! Came across this and I’m working on this story and I’m in need for a cover photo to really show off the story! I’m wondering if you can make it so the two characters are doing similar stances as in the photo provided. I hope you can do this for me it would mean a lot! I would also like a tear running down her face and her biting her lip holding back the tears! Thank you!! :smile:


And here are the two characters ;3
Males eyes are Blue!
Females are Toffee

Forgot to add the position I’d like them in my bad!!


Ok how soon do you need them done

I’m attempting to add the position right now I’m not very familiar with this yet!


It’s totally fine take ur time once I have them I’m going to sleep but I can get them done tomorrow for you if that’s ok

Anime style or episode I’ve done something like that in anime but I’m happy with any style

That would be awesome! Whenever you have the time would be great! I would like Episode style not such a huge fan on Anime

That’s totally fine xxx

Thanks love!

Send me anything else you think I’ll need ready so I don’t need to bother you tomorrow :smile:

I think I’m good you can bother me if you need anything! You are the one doing this after all!

I’m in a hurry right now so I won’t get your message till later!

Ok but just to be clear you want ur charactersimage
I’m that kind of pose
Do you want any words like title

Hmm Maybe the Title? Title:Standing There
And Yes I want my characters in that position!

Ok I’ll get back to you tomorrow love x

First draft done tell me what you think and anything you want changing

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