Splashes covers and profile pictures

I like it! I don’t think anything needs changing so far!

Good get back to me if you want anything else doing or you need something changing XX

Alright I will!

When do you think this will be finished? I’m curious because of the whole publishing matter.

??? What will be finished I’m confused

Do you meen the next draft

Yes sorry!!

I’m half way through I’m not quite sure what to change though different font background or placement what do you think I should change

Hmm. Maybe The title layout? I honestly don’t think much needs changing regarding that.

Ok well I’ll try a different title layout and background mess around with it a bit and send it here
Then you can chose wether you prefer it
Is that ok?

Yes of course! Whatever you feel is good I’m ok with.

Thanks babes X

Any background ideas you would prefer since I don’t know that much about the story

Hmm Actually I have a few!

Cool just put them down and I can see wether I can find them

Here’s somewhat of a background of the story:

Shes a girl battling a secret battle with herself (Depression) and hides behind her smile, shes considered the girl next door yet has more to hide than people see. He’s her brothers best friend he’s mysterious and lost. Every time she looks at him she sees a broken soul, every time he looks at her he sees a girl with a perfect life perfect everything despises her, little does he know its all an act, that shes hurting physically and mentally her eyes beg for help and her smile covers it up. One night as he’s leaving her house he sees her in the middle of the street crying with blood all over her palm, he’s always been mean to her because he thought she was an uptight rich girl, but shes so much less in her mind. All he can do is Stand there holding her and he makes a promise that he’ll always be Standing There.

Do you have any ideas like before I did dog which I can see now doesn’t fit the story line any ideas

I suppose you can make her crying with streaks of eyeliner?? Making you know her little disguise fall apart.
I’m really wanting her to be broken looking, the whole purpose is to help people overcome depression and know that even the best of people battle it everyday. Honestly i want you to make what you think looks right, use your imagination!

Ok I’ll get it done in the next 30