Splashes, covers, backgrounds


I need 2 splashes, 2 covers and a few custom backgrounds. If anyone could make them for me I’d really appreciate it! (I will give credit for everything!) :blush::heart:


I can make the backgrounds for you


I can help with the splashes


Can we private message? There’s a lot of info you need! :sweat_smile::heart:


yep sure


I need a volume one and a warning one too :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok do I need any special details for it


No, it can be anything


Ok :ok_hand:t5:


I can do the covers if needed.
Here’s my examples



We would be more then happy to help:)


yes @Ellie.Author I’m in B.A.N and I would love for you to check it out


I finished. Plz be sure to credit me.


Of course, what’s the credit name? :slightly_smiling_face:




Do u know how in story’s they have those blurry backgrounds is there a chance u can make me one💗?


could I use those as well? Credits will be given