Splashes/Custom character covers?


I am looking for someone who can help me create a cover that has quite a few characters on it, and then another cover for a warning, as well as a cover with my MC on it… Thanks!!!


Ask @Episode-Diamonds, they are good




I made this one


I will check it out! Thank you very much!


Ooooh I like that as well. Could you make some with a character looking mad on it?


Sure just need to know the character details and outfit you would like.


Skin - Taupe
Lips Color - Terracotta
Lip Shape - Full Round
Hair Color - Chestnut
Hair Style - Classic Bob
Eye Color - Brown
Eye Shape - Upturned Bold
Brow - Smooth Arch
Nose - Elven
Face Shape - Soft heart

Top - String Tank Top (White)
Bottom: Flannel Pajama Bottom (Celery)
Footwear: Author Outfit Slouchy Socks (White)
Necklace: Key Necklace
Glasses: Hipster Glasses (Black)

(Make her look lazy lol and if you can (this is the end cover) put my instagram handle and that’s it (akiravesta.episode))


What kind of background for the end cover? (Like what behing the charachters)


maybe a watercolor or solid color background. but PLEASE- no pink



What about this background and I can add a character and the insta?


Sorry if I put two pics


Heck YESSS…!!!


Do you like this pose? She has scoks on they were cut off I’ll fix that I’ll add the background after.




perfect! That would work very well thank you. It accentuates my lazy and unmotivated persona.


Lol okay I’ll start working on it


Need help teah


I can edit the character or do you have it and sorry for the late reply


I just need to add font