Splashes for everyone! 💓


Hey guys! I already made another splash thread but I think no one can find it so, I made another one! I make splashes! If you need one just reply below and I’ll gladly help you out :smiley: You can credit me @IDONTKNOW
Please don’t use the examples below, I’ll make you one on my own.



I need art!
Can you make me some art please!


Yeah send me the details of what you want!


Okay…so first her parents die, then she gets fired from her job, after her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend, and then she goes back to her home town to get help from her childhood best friend. Who really doesn’t give a damn because the main character left her in a crap hole.

Her childhood best friend eventually comes around, but in the process of trying to help the main character she gets kidnapped.

Anyway in this piece of art she is tied up on a chair…
Think you can manage?



It’s called captive.


Actually I can’t make art scenes, but @decembermaria20 is super good at them! I would ask her instead!


Okay thanks!


@Sydney_H can you close this thread please?



Topic closed by OP request.