Splashes for you!


Splashes for you!

Free splashes for you guys just leave a request of what you want and i will do my best!



Type of splash:
Background :
Socialmedia name (optional):
Story title (optional):
Custom text (optional):


Any format?




What do you mean?


Would you like to join a art group


i would like to join


Can you pm me


I’m not sure what is it?


I would love one if you could! I’d like a warning of both :slight_smile:


For requesting.


Do you mean Sound and Mature Themes and do you want anything specific?


Hi guys i’ve added a form so you don’t get confuses when requesting


You can look at the form or just request and ill do my best :smiley_cat:


yes exactly! mature themes :slight_smile:


Ok can you fill in the form for me so i know exactly what you want thanks :smiley_cat:


Type of splash: Warning of mature themes and strong language
Background : anything that gives off a romance/horror vibe!
Socialmedia name (optional): IG: emberpackepisode
Story title (optional): The Ember Moon Pack
Custom text (optional): Can you also include my ig? :slight_smile:


Sure i’ll do it on a seperate splash :blush:


thank you so much!!!:heart_eyes:


I hope these are what you wanted if you need any changes just let me know :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! these are perfect