I need a Splash made for my story called The End Is Near and I need a splash that looks something like this:

Except it is One Panel Long and says:

“The End Is Near” in all red. Anybody who helps, I will give credit to you in the beginning intros in EVERY SINGLE ONE of my episodes. The Intro Credits will be updated to say at the end: Splashes By: Your Username

Thank you for helping me in advance, TeamFennekinYT


Do you need any people?


What do you mean?


I can :slight_smile:


Dw it’s fine, I can’t do it anyways.


How long/wide do you want it?


What is a splash anyways?


Its normally at the start of a story and it says something like
This story uses sound or this episode uses strong language and mature themes


Heyy gurl!


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I would prefer it to be 640 by 1136




You can also put it so it says “Splash Made by Jojo.episode464”


do you like it??




Yayy! long time no see lol


Is the red too dark? I thought bright red would make it less creepy.


If you could just change it to the opposite way aroun in the pixel size like so it said it was 640x1136 instead of 1136x640 that would be grateful


Can I change the baclground to a portrait one. (It will still be a forest)