Splashes needed. SOLVE! 😊

Hi guys. :blush:

I’m in a dire need of splashes for my story. I need 3 of them:

  1. To tell the readers that my story uses sound and they need to use the headphones.
  2. To tell them that the story has mature scenes, cursing and violence.
  3. To thanking them for reading and to share my social media so they can follow me there.

Can someone help me with this, please?

Thank’s in advanced :blush:


I would like to help! Do you want characters on it? Also do you have a background?

I can help?

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Thank you very much.

Yes. I want my character in the one of thank you for reading and the following in social media. here are my character details:

Character Details:
Body: neutral 01
Brow: arched natural (copper red)
Hair: Curly ombre (copper red)
Eyes: Round medium (dark brown)
Face: Triangle defined
Nose: Grecian soft
Lips: Small heart (red deep gloss)
Instagram: @storiesbyraven

Regarding backgrounds I have this one

for the other 2 you can get creative :wink:

Sure! All help is welcome :blush:

Here you go!

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They’re beautiful!

Thank you :blush:

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Mark on of these as solved so people know you got your splashes.

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Sure :blush:

I was about to ask you: If you can change the background on the audio splash one, to the color frames blue and purple, if is not too much trouble, and the warning one in the red/yellow one :blush:

What kind of background would you like?

It’s the same one, only the zones if you may call it like that.

Ok! Here you go:

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Thank you! :blush::kissing_heart:

Your welcome!:innocent::grin:

You have to click the check box by the typed message so it can be mark soled and you don’t have to type anything.:innocent::grin:

Got it! :smile: