Splashes needed


Is there anyone who is willing to make me a splash for my story Love You To Hell And Back? I know some people don’t like making it for small authors, but it would be credited and very heavily appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:


@Shani_Theo We make splashes for free. Check out our thread here: Episode Royalty here to help! 👑

~ Winter xx


Like an overlay? There’s one of waves crashing in my drive under water, let me know that one works for you, if not I can make one
My drive with overlays is here


Hey!! I’d love to make you splashes… here are my examples:


Hey @Shani_Theo ,
I can help you with cover and splashes. (mature themes, sound warnings, etc.)
You can check out sample cover and splashes below :point_down:


Hello there I would love to make your splash! C:
Go send a request here!

Hopefully it would get accepted! :smiley:


I could do it for you. check out my thread EM's new and improved splash, cover, and profile pic shop (open)


Hey, I can make a splash for your story if you want! :wink:
Just go to my Instagram and fill out the form that is on my Instagram bio!
I also make backgrounds, covers and overlays!
Examples on my Instagram: daniepisodewriter
Dani :black_heart: