Splashes Needed!

I need new splashes for my story Mate Bond: The Burning.
Advanced zooming
Mature themes and languages
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Hayden (MC)
Tan skin, thin brow,spiked hair platinum blonde, round piercing eyes blue, defined triangle face, button nose and smirk lips blush.
Skylar (MC)
Tan skin, round seductive brow, beach wave cayenne hair, upturned bold eyes green, round face, upturned nose and blossom lips blush.
Zayne (brother to MC)
Tan skin, thin brow, unstyled faux hawk charcoal, stoic almond blue eyes, square jaw face, button nose, smirk blush lips.
Hazel (sister to MC)
Tan skin, soft angel brow, straight platinum blonde hair, upturned bold blue eyes, oval face, upturned nose, blossom blush lips.
Lauren (author)
Light skin, seductive arch brow, beach wave purple hair, upturned bold toffee eyes, soft heart face, upturned nose, blossom blush lips.

Mature themes:
Hayden pinning Skylar to wall undressing her top (like pulling down showing shoulder) as he kisses it and she has eyes closed looking up.

Zayne and Hazel arguing with each other.

Lauren looking cute with a wink. (Galaxy background preferred!)
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Clothing and pictures of character below!!


I can do it tommorrow or someone else here Episode Artistry Official Art Shop!

Yes please!!! I really just want some mature theme ones, tap slowly and follow me.

Only the follow one needs a character which is the purple haired girl (me) that looks awesome.

The others just words with cool background.

I want to use them all for different stories!! I changed my mind.

Sorry but can u request there :smile:

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