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Hi there! Looking for one of these things? I’m here for you :butterfly:

All free

Splash Examples

Outfit Examples

Template Examples

Party, Music Concert, School class, School play etc.

Note: I don’t do dialogue, I just direct the scene (Place characters, add sound, animations)

:pushpin: Instructions

  1. Send me a message here, or in Instagram @ari.episode_ .
    Your message must include:

  2. For a splash:

  • What type of splash do you want (Intro, Outro, This story uses sound, Credits)
  • A screenshot of your characters (optional)
  • Any text you want me to write
  1. For outfits:
  • Type of outfit (Party, School etc.)
  • A screenshot of your character
  1. For templates:
  • Exact description of the scene (Background name, What is it-a party, a school play etc.- What do you want your main characters to do at the scene and what are their script names)

:pushpin: Rules

  1. Always credit @ari.episode_
  2. Be patient, at the beginning i may not have a lot of work and i’ll finish what you want quickly, but you have to wait in line.
  3. Don’t spam - please request in one message

Hi! @Ariadni
Do you do like a drawn cover

Yes, check my insta :heart:

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i don’t have intergram

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