Splashes, outros and intros

Hi guys. I would like to broadcast a few of my backgrounds that I created. I have a few more on my drive, you can find that on my instagram. I’m a beginner (so it’s not anything fancy). I can make some splashes for anyone. as long as it something similar to below ↓


Ooo can you make one in INK?

:heart_eyes: How do you cut out the character so perfectly? Also great splashes! :wink:

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I second that!


yeah, send me the character details and the type of splash you want.
any type of background?

I upload the background that I want and place my character in the screen using spot directing.

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Great method! :grinning:

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thank you, it’s a lot easier than trying to cut them out.

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Sorry, I don’t know if you are still doing this. Could you please create a splash for me. Could you base it off 2nd example of splashes

but instead use a pastel blue cutesie background for example

Thank you regardless and have a good day

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no problem. i’ll get around to it

I tried out two different fonts and colors that would look best with the background you gave me.
I was going to try too keep the pastel theme, but it clashed with the background.
Hopefully I am not too late…


Absolutely not. I love it. :grin: Thank you very much :heart:

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thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and no problem!

bump :dancer:t4:

Can I have something like this but a nature background with grey font my insta is @mya.writes2019 and these are my character details :point_down:t2:

Skin: Rose 02

Description: Brow: arched natural (blackjet)

Hair: hair flip (black jet)

Eyes: round downturned wide (aqua blue)

Face: diamond

Nose: Grecian soft

Lips: full heart pouty (rose light nude matte)

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ink or limelight?
I’ll get it done today.


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Examples of nature.

First example

Second example

Third example

If you don’t like these. please send a background of nature that you do want

I like two

First Example

Second Example

Third Example

I had made these before I seen your comment. If you want me to use the second background I will.
If not let me know, I chose the best font and color to match the background – so it doesn’t clash.
If you want me to fix something let me know.
If you do use, make sure to credit me at Liyah.Episode on Instagram…
Either using readerMessage or at the end of the episode :slight_smile:

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