Splashes Really Quickly!


Creating Splashes!
Some examples…

Do you need a Sound/volume splash?
Follow me on Social Media Splash?
This story has mature themes and bad language splash?
More episodes coming soon splash?
Send me the background you would prefer (Optional)
On the social Media splash send me your user, Twitter or IG,(maybe both)
Also send me the Title of your story! C:

Splashes needed
Mango’s Splash Shop! (OPEN)
Intros outros warnings help
I need splashes! Help!
Editing Covers and Splashes! C:

OMG!!! Yes please these look SO good wow! (I’ll credit you in my story and on instagram as well thanks!:blush::blush:


Your welcome! I don’t really need the credit but, I appreciate it! C:




Characters Needed For My Story!
Promotion! My first story, it's an H & V story. Share your story too!
Go Read My New Episode- Targeted

can i have the sky one please? my instagram is @writtenbylila thanks!


Of course! When do you need it by?


(I’m starting school soon, when I come back I’ll get started right away.)


This story has mature themes and bad language splash
More episodes coming soon splash
Can I have those?
The First One is for More Episodes coming soon
The Second One is for Mature themes and bad language


@Episode_Mango Hello, I was wondering if you could make me a splash that says “To be continued…” The title of my story is “Addict” So could you put something addicting in the background like someone smoking, or pills?


Hi you emailed me about a splash for my episode… Just one question… what is a splash


A splash is something like this.



I’ll try to make your splashes by today! c:


Here you go! C:


If you don’t like the color…I could always change it!


Here you go!


Whenever is good :blush:


Your splash will be ready by the end of today! C:


Hi can you possibly make me a splash that i can use as my profile pic plz?