Splashes really quickly

Hi, I can make splashes for your story really quickly!
Just tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll make it!
Like this

I have decided that because I spend so much time on making splashes, I am now requiring that credit is given when the splash is used (as many others do for theirs). You can credit me in each chapter by my Instagram, @cristyepidode


I’m not requesting anything right now but that splash looks so cool! :slight_smile:


Thank you :two_hearts:

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This looks cool! If you, can you make one for me? I would like one that maybe has lightning

Also, can you make it for both themes and language always gotta be sure!:blush:

Of course, what do you want exactly? One that put please be advised… And other with this story use music… Or what?

One with “Warning! This story may contain mature language and subject matter” and then Maybe if you can a tap slowly one because my story uses a lot of advanced zooming



The first one, I’m doing the other

Looks great! Thank you so much

If you don’t like it I can do another, just tell me :slight_smile:

I do really like it, it’s a nice backaground but my story is a little darker my story, it’s about a girl who is being trained for war between different worlds

Okay I’m going to do another!

Thanks so much!

Also, can you tell me the exact words you want to the tap slowly please? I’ve write that but I don’t know if it’s okay
Please tap slowly, this story uses a lot of advanced zooming and you’ll lost them

“This story uses advanced zooming, please tap slowly.”

Is this better for your story?

That is amazing omg thank you so much
What’s your @ so I can give you credit in my story

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