Split Background request

Can someone makind a split background like two people are talking in different places, with these backgrounds?

Far left side of this background:

And the far right side of this background:


I could get this done for you! :smiley:

can you put a line in between, maybe white?

Thanks, your a livesaver :heart_eyes:

Aww thank you! Anything else you need lmk <3

It doesnt fit episode bg standards, could you rezize it?

You need to right click it and press open image in new tab, then save it from there :heart_decoration:

Ok, thanks, I’ll try that…

If that doesn’t work, I made it a google drive file for you!

It worked, thanks

Question! Where did you get that first background? I really like it!

I got it from @Dara.Amarie linktree

Thank you!