Split phone call coding help

I’m trying to do a split screen phone call. The problem is that the second character Carmen isn’t showing up and isn’t available to move under spot directing. I know it’s something I’m missing but I’m not sure what. TIA!

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Was she placed in the screen at all before trying to make her walk to a certain spot?

She’s never been in the story before this-

I made her idle at first but when I went to go move her offscreen she didn’t come up when I clicked “switch character” in spot directing.

Move her to a higher layer than the overlay to avoid the overlay being on top of her.

How would I code that?:sweat_smile:

The character in the screenshot is supposed to be there. There is another character that won’t show up at all and is supposed to be at the bottom section

In line 342 you could add and CARMEN moves to layer 2

Also, I just realized that you missed a value when making the character walk! That must be causing the character to not show up in the previewer.

@/CHAR walks to spot % x y in zone # in t

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