Split Screen Editor

Is there anybody that is able to make a split screen scene for me. I have the two backgrounds, and I want them to split in half.

Thank you in advance!

I can do it- what do you want them 2 look like?

like which part of which one on which side? lol a lot of which’s

I want the pink office to be on the left side, and the other office on the right side.

ok 1 sec


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is this ok? or do you want something else?’’

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This is fine!

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ok, good!

Hi Angelina, I was wondering if you can do a split screen for me. I’m wanting it to be the boys and girls bedroom next to each other on the screen. INT.PINK BEDROOM - NIGHT AND INT.BOYS BEDROOM - NIGHT.
If you could give me any tips or advice on how to create it myself that would be great.