Split Screen Help Needed

Anyone know how to do a split screen or any apps? I tried all the apps I could on Iphone but I’m not much of an editor.

If I only had my iPhone to work with, I’d use ArtStudio but Idk if there’re any other better apps than that since the diagonal crops aren’t always a really clear-cut straight line like they are with procreate (which is what I always use on my iPad).

If you mean side-by-side split backgrounds, then it does a pretty good job of that and it’s easy. :relaxed:

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I do splitscreen streams with my girlfriend using basically the first setup you described (we use a mixer for the audio, but you shouldn’t necessarily need to.) The capture card shouldn’t put significantly more strain on your streaming rig. The real trick is cutting your gameplay footage into an aspect ratio where you can have both screens without losing vital gameplay space.