Split Screening & Directing

hi there ! i’m a new writer on episode & i have seen many stories where a character is calling someone on the phone in a full background, then another new background moves in from the right side with the other character on it, taking up half of the screen. i know there are editing templates where you can just take both backgrounds & put it into one full background, but i really wanna know how you can actually move a background into another background ! thank you so much for reading & i would really appreciate your help :’)

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They’ve probably taken the background, cut it in half, then uploaded it as an overlay <3


oh wow, you replied super fast, thank you so much ! but i have a question, can you place & spot a character on an overlay like you would do on a background ?


You’ll have to spot them as you normally do offscreen, but then have them walk to the spot you need them at the same time as the overlay moving:

&CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in s and CHARACTER doe sit while idle_phone_animation
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to x y in zone z in s

s has to be the same time frame :smiley:


Also make sure to mention layers when adding overlays, to avoid confusion.


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