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I want to write a Choice Matter story and I want to split it up. The main characters are going somewhere and one of them is not sure if she can come with them. Now I want to make two different possibilities. The character is coming with the others, or the others are going without her. What’s the best method? The elif/else method or labels? I read topics about goto and points and about the elif/else, but I really don’t know what’s the best in this case. Can anyone tell me?


Personally I would use goto and labels but also put a gain after the choice so you can refer back to it if needed. If the scene is happening straight after the choice, you could also just put the scene inside the choice (with a gain to remember in future if needed) and then after you would have your story come together again. Hope that makes sense :grin:

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I see so many stories where choices do matter, for example stories about surviving and if the MC can save his/her friends. There must also be more branches in those kind of stories. If I only do choices, isn’t it confusing?

What I meant to say, is that not only the trip is with or without her, but I want to add more choices happening during the trip.

I wonder how they do it…

You can add choices within choices :wink: just gotta keep track of it all. Gains and if/else would be best for complicated branching like that. Try different methods and just see what you find is easier. Trial and error :blush:

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