*SPOILER* Birds of passage story: how to get the good ending?

Does anyone know how to get the good ending? I played pretty well and mc still died at the end and no matter if i gave the potion to Zola or kept it, Philip/Philippa still died. Does anyone know how to get the good ending or there isnt?

The MC died?
I’ve read the story, but I think the LI or another side character died, not the MC?

The li died too but some say they saved it? Also it isnt shown that mc died but its mentioned at the ending that she “was” and they miss her

I kept the potion so i tought that was the problem cuz mc lost it but someone who gave it to the Zola said they were upset after and they wasted it so i guess it dosnt matter what you do with the potion you cant use it?

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I think that’s because that scene was in the future and they were talking about the MC’s past.
I don’t exactly remember because it’s been a while since I’ve read it.

But I can reread and let you know, I’ve been meaning to anyway.

Alot of ppls at fanmail said the ending was sad and the author said it was an open ending but someone else said theres a good and a bad one. Only if the bonus episode was the other endings instead of a photobooth…
Also tysm ^^

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no problem :kissing:
Hmm, interesting. I though there were only 2 endings :sweat_smile:
I was also surprised about the MC being dead, but I’m pretty sure that that was in the future, but I’ll start rereading now and let you know later on.

Yeah it was the last scene where Zola and Will talked about mc a few years after the events. Is this the good or bad ending lol. Only if i could find the author but her ig is deleted or she changed the name and i dont think she will answer fanmail lol

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I don’t even have Insta, so I wouldn’t know :sweat_smile:
I think that’s the only ending :thinking:

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