SpongeBob Questions Ect

So this is a weird thought that I’m guessing people have though of if you have seen SpongeBob.
What is the Krabby Patty made of?!? Is it Krab or Fishy I don’t think they have seacows… Maybe Mr.Crabs didn’t want to give Plankton the secret recipe because it has Krab in it and that’s cannibalism… What is the secret formula? Why are some characters named after their species? Like:
Squidward the Squid
SpongeBob the Sponge
Mr.Crabs the Crab

Lol, i was wondering the same thing.

I guess this is how the creator wanted their names, and place, to be named as. It’s so much easier and their characters relates to the species and live in the sea.

Except spongebob, his parents, and grandmother.



my childhood - all those fishes eating krabs - and like… Mr.Crabs is the one selling them…

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