Spookay * yea right * Halloween edit feedback πŸ˜‰

Happy Halloween witches! :wink: Tell me your thoughts on this one please :slight_smile:


BEFORE YOU ASK ! IT’S A VAMPIRE ! Well…it’s supposed to be one lol

It’s great!
I would recommend editing it with higher pixels so it looks more rounded instead of pixelated.

I would add some fangs to her, since she is a vampire.

Lastly, the blood could be improved!

Again, if you had higher pixels, the whole edit could be improved!

I think you’re a great artist, and if you ever need help, pm me!

Awww! Thanks so much! Do you use ibis paint ? I do and I don’t know what brush to use so it looks not so pixelized

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Do you use dip pen hard? That’s what I use and the lines are better quality.

I think most users use IBIS but I don’t like it.
I use medibang just because I prefer it more :rofl:

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Awesome thanks :slight_smile:

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Would you make an edit for me?

Sure thing! Details please?

Send them on my previous thread or pm me :slight_smile: or even here I gues

I would also like it better if you sender me a pic off her

Just a cool edit of my characterπŸ‘
Mouth:Full round
Hair Colour:Chestnut
Hair:High ponytail
Brow:Thin round

Thnx soo muchxxxxx

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Just about to send picπŸ’™xxx

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No problemo :joy::joy:

Hope thats ok.xxxx

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It’s is! I’ll do when I have free time :slight_smile:

Kk thnxxxx

Looks fangtastic :vampire::facepunch:

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Things I noticed:

  • When you put shine on the lips, it shined the line that separates the lips as well.
  • The lines look thick and pixelated.
  • You did a great job on the lips. I see a lot of edits where the lips look awkward, but they look great in this one! I can’t do lips for shit, lol.
  • The hair looks awkward where it just abruptly ends on the left side. I think you should either complete the waves in the hairstyle or sort of put the left side of the hair behind the girl’s back.
  • The blood looks like red blurs, kind of. I would suggest (if you’re blurring the blood) to tone down the blur a bit, like maybe by a quarter? Oh, and maybe use a darker shade of red.
  • The nose doesn’t look awkward! Like, how?! XD Good job on the nose, but I would suggest using a teensy teensy bit smaller brush for it (maybe lessen the width by 2-5 pixels?).
  • The eyes look better than I could ever do, but I would certainly suggest blending them together a bit, the shading next to the white looks abrupt. Also, maybe use a smaller brush (2-5 pixels smaller maybe?) for the eyes.
  • I would raise the eyebrows a bit, then maybe blur them a tiny bit. Again, just me- you don’t have to do any of these suggestions if you don’t want to <3
  • The color of the hair kind of blends into the lines for the hair a bit; I’d suggest putting the hair color in a different layer, if your program uses layers <3
  • The hair kind of just looks… infinite; like there’s no scalp. I would suggest to draw the sides of the hair from one side of the scalp at a time, instead of just coloring in the outline of the hair.
  • White lines around the character where you used filling.
  • Maybe you could add bigger blood spatters and rips? That’d be cool.

I think you did a great job; better than I could ever do! And happy early Halloween to everyone, if you people celebrate it!

Rock on

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I don’t really know the brushes that well lol :joy:

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