SpookySherry’s Outline Contest!

If you do not want to join, you don’t need to reply to this. Just comment if you’d like to enter!

Credit to @Izzie_Silver for the beautiful banners, thank you :heartpulse:

Welcome to my first outline contest!
Honestly, I was kinda hesitant to start one cuz I wasn’t sure if that many people would join, but it’s worth a try anyway.
I’m mainly doing this for the fun of it, and I’m hoping to see different creations from my outline! :blob_hearts:
I also don’t really have time to join other contests right now, so I thought I’d host one for fun instead :yay:

  • Please do not go off topic on this thread.
    This is not limited to compliments and encouragement.
  • The watermark must be on the outline!
    If it is not, you entry will not count.
  • Please do not use my outline outside this outline contest (ex: story covers), but it may be used for your profile pic BUT you must give credit.
  • Be respectful, and do not critique other entries on this thread because this is not a review thread.
  • Do not copy other entries. This is not limited to inspiration, as those two things are different.
  • Please post your entry on this thread!!

You may submit as many entries as you’d like!

Use this password on your entry: Spooky :green_heart:

1st Place!

  • A drawing made by me for my mermaid series! (INK only, maybe LL cuz I’m currently practicing that style)
  • A drawn and animated GIF
  • A small role in my upcoming story, Squad: 60 Days!
    (only the few select people will not be able to win this part of the prize because they are already in it)

2nd Place!

  • A drawing made by me for my mermaid series! (INK only, maybe LL cuz I’m currently practicing that style)
  • A drawn and animated GIF

3rd Place!

  • An edit of you, or you and your friends!
    You may choose what you’d like it to be used for:
    A splash, profile pic, or just an edit

I’ve thought about doing three?
Eh, I’ll just stick with one for now.


You are allowed to tweak some changes to this outline.
You also do not need to have both characters in the outline submission!

Sorry this outline isn’t as simple as I hoped it would be :sweat_smile:
I would go back and re-outline my other drawings, but I’m too lazy to do that.
This is the only outline I have that I have not merged :sob:

My Watermark

I totally did not spend 10 minutes trying to perfect this watermark

Here are examples of what the prizes may look like, depending on which spot you win!

Drawn Example

Edited Example

An example of the outline colored just cuz 💗

Featuring @/Bonswayout

DEADLINE: AUGUST 31 :partying_face:

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JOINING :sparkles:

i didnt read anything yet hold on

password: Spooky :green_heart:

Another edit:

I was first :smirk_cat:

i love u too :pleading_face: :two_hearts:

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Edit: I’m sure it’s going to turn out beautiful regardless :partying_face:

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I will join and the outlines looks super duper amazing! <3 :slight_smile:

ok no problem :relieved:
i love the outline btw :scream: :heart:

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Okay it’s good now I think

Thank you :pleading_face:

@queenscribbles and @Avarose456


Im gonna join! The outlines are beautiful! :pleading_face:

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JOININGGGGGG thanks for the tag!
Password: spooky

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Thank you! :pleading_face::pleading_face:

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Joining! :heartpulse: love the outline

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Thank you :blush::heartpulse:

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I’m entering! Spooky

When’s the deadline?

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NO YOU :triumph:

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My bby hosted an oc OFC IM FUCKING JOINING!!!:heart::heart::heart:

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Yayyy I love you :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


I lov u 2!!:heart::heart::pleading_face:


Hii! :revolving_hearts:
Thank you so much for the tag! :heartbeat:
The outline is beautiful i have to join! :two_hearts:
Password spooky

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Thank you :blush::green_heart:

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