Spot Direct Overlays (FOR BEGINNERS!)

  1. The first thing you would like to do is put INT./EXT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY in zone _


  1. Make sure to cut to the zone the overlay is in: image

  2. Put a Narrator Box with the word pause inside so you can work on things.


  1. Save it

  2. Your overlay should be somewhere on the page.


(Mine’s pretty big lol)

  1. Click on Directing Helper.


  1. Overlay Helper.

  2. Start by Scaling the overlay.
    Click on the button that says Switch Tools: Scale


  1. Now most of you will be on your phone, so tweak about with your overlay to make it the right size. For people on a web previewer (Me) dragging left makes things smaller dragging right makes things bigger.

  2. Once you’re finished click the same button once again and move it to where you would wish.

  3. For people on your phone, look at the bottom left and study the text carefully. Memorise it and note it down on a bit of paper. For people on web peviewer scroll down a little bit and you will see this: image

  4. Put this into your script:

@overlay (OVERLAY NAME) shifts to (NUMBERS) in zone _

@overlay (OVERLAY NAME) scales to (NUMBERS) in zone _

Finished Project:


I hope I helped you out!

Please check out my other fourms including my Help Thread!


How do you put 2 or more overlays in a background?

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I’m not sure, I think you just put AND I’ll test it out and tell you if it’s correct

Okay thank you…

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You put another with

So you use the AND with overlay

No, like this for example

BACKGROUND with (overlay) with (overlay)

Okay thank you… Sorry new to this…

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It’s okay, you can check out my help thread if you have any more questions :grin:

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I can also help you out :slight_smile:

Thanks if you have some free time, do you mind giving me some feedback on my story???
Even just the 1st episode… I tried an overlay I downloaded on the 1st episode… I tried getting it to move with my character maybe you could give me some tips to make it look better.

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Yes of course!

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Thank you.

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Sorry, at the moment my phone’s not charged but when I will I can :slight_smile: if you want to know how to spot direct your overlays scroll up and my steps should help (I will try view your story as soon as possible)

Okay thank you, when ever you have time is fine… I did move the overlay, you will see what I am talking about…

Okay, I’m glad I could help!

I’m serious- you are so helpful, I’ve seen some of your posts and threads; you’re kind and willing to help others, as well as provide amazing tips- keep it up rockstar!

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Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! Btw I love your wonderwoman profile :smile:

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So, I have a Ying Yang overlay, right ?

And I want it to roll on itself. Like a wheel.

I coded it right, using the guide but insted of doing a little, my overlay is trying to reach the sun or something, it’s making a big a** circle and I don’t what to do ?

I tried to change the anchor point and everything but it’s making it worse.

Actually, was it default like that before you spot directed it? If it was read my tutorial. If that was the one you read then please hand me the coding and I will sort it out :slight_smile: Also please hand me the overlay

(If my tutorial has solved your problem please tell me :slight_smile: )