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Hii, I reaaly could use some help, I want my mc to leave an scene but shes talkinh with the LI, I want her to leave but I want him to do an animation, and while shes leaving I want her to say something, this is what I have rn :weary:

@speechbubble is 190 209 to 82% with tail_top_left
&AVA walks to spot 0650 6887 250 in zone 3 in 6 AND SILAS faces right AND SILAS is laugh_crackup
AVA (talk_neutral)
I hate you already

First of all, because you have Ava using the animation talk_neutral, it will look kind of strange as she exists the scene. If you want her to talk at the same time as she is walking, you can use an animation called walk_talk_neutral instead.

Secondly, (in case you don’t know) the spot directing formula indicates this: spot scale X Y in T

  • The default scale/size of the character is 1.280. For this reason, 0650 is most likely supposed to be 0.650

  • X is the horizontal position of a character. Since you’ll typically only range from about 0-250 as the x-values for each zone, 6887 isn’t necessary to take your character off the screen. Having a number that large will make your character exit extremely fast even with a time of 6 seconds. I recommend changing it to a number such as 400 for convenience.

  • Y is the position of the character vertically. Assuming you have a scale of 0.650, 250 is a reasonable position and so I don’t have any further suggestions.

  • T, or time, is in seconds (as I’m sure you’re aware). However, this is not necessary to have on all occasions. Without the in 6, Ava would walk to the location at a default time set proportional to the distance she is travelling. If you want a specific time for walking, I suggest about 2 seconds for every zone a character has to walk through. If you change the X to 400 as I suggested earlier, then I suggest a time of about 2-3 seconds.

I hope that this information helps you. If you have any further questions/clarifications, feel free to ask.

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You should do:
&AVA walks to spot 0.650 6887 250 in zone 3 and AVA does it while walk_talk_neutral
&SILAS faces right and SILAS is laugh_crackup
AVA (walk_talk_neutral)
I hate you already.

Hope this helped!

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It really helped me,so thank you so much for that!, but im stuck now, I was able to make her leave the scene, but now it looks like she is just sliding or something like that, this is what I have now
@speechbubble is 190 209 to 82% with tail_top_left
&AVA walks to spot 0.650 400 250 in zone 3 in 3 AND AVA does it while walk_talk_neutral_loop
&SILAS faces right AND SILAS is laugh_crackup
AVA (talk_neutral)
I hate you already

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It helped, so thank youu!!!

I think this is because you have Ava doing two different animations: walk_talk_neutral_loop and talk_neutral.

Just remove the (talk_neutral) from your script and that should fix it.