Spot directing and animating

im trying to write a scene where the camera pans to zone 2 of the bg and when it does I want my character to be already placed in that zone doing an animation (i also what the character to wear a different out and not their default one)

like here what i have in my script

But when i preview it, this is what I get

like i want to make it look like my character is sitting on the table doing the animation

This isnt help but my sister cats name is Apollo lol

that’s nice but please reply if you’re willing to help

In order to have your character placed in the story, you have to use the code:

@CHARACTER spot x y z

x is the size of the character when you use the scaling tool
y is where they are on a horizontal plane
z is where they are on a vertical plane

x,y, and z are all numbers.
If you use this code: @ APOLLO spot 1.185 178 78 you will see your character pop up. You can then go to spot helper in the directing tools and use the move and scale tools to adjust those numbers.

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thank you so much!!!