Spot directing and zooming help needed!

I need help with a certain scene in my new story. Can anybody help me who knows spot directing and zooming?!?

What do you want to know? :slight_smile:

I have a scene where the character is sitting in the middle of the couch but i try to zoom in on her face but I can’t use the focus and the zoom feature is iffy. I can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or its a episode portal problem. Hopefully you get what i mean lol.

Can I see your script?

Yea sure. If you want we can use insta cause I communicate better through there lol. @amor.epy

I don’t have insta sorry :confused:but you can pm me if you want

This is going to sound really stupid but, what does pm mean? lmao

A private message

A little while later…
@ALEXIS spot 0.713 3 179 in zone 3
@ALEXIS starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed
@cut to zone 3
@ALEXIS spot 0.713 315 140 in zone 2
@zoom on 640 105 to 350% in 0

Well you cut to zone 3 but your character is spot in zone 2
Either you place her in zone 3 or you try:
&cut to zone 2
@zoom on ALEXIS to 350% in 0

Could it be that problem?

Yea i thought so too but it wouldn’t work either. ill try again but I’m guessing its cause she is like in the middle of 2 zones i guess

When the character is too far on the edge its difficult with the zoom especially if you wabt to zoom to 350%…
Cant you place the character somewhere else?

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if you spotted her in between zones than this is the probme you cant freely zoom in between zones - it will not let you use focus - so eather you will work only with the zoom (sometimes it is possible to zoom bit to the left or you will spot her somewhere else in the zone where you can zoom on her freely.

also you spotted her 2 times which I am not sure why do you have it here…

try this instead:

&cut to zone 3
&ALEXIS spot 0.713 109 180 in zone 3
&zoom on 735 159 to 350% in 0
@ALEXIS starts idle_sit_ankles_crossed

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