Spot directing error help!

I am having spot directing problems. Basically, I have my character dance_crawl_loop or something, and I spot directed her to walk out whilst doing that animation. But she is just doing the crawl animation on the spot instead of walking out. I’ll send my script as well

Use @mc walks to spot x y z in t and MC does it while ANIMATION


I also spot directed the character where I wanted her to start the animation, then I did the spot directing her walking whilst doing the the animation out of the screen. But it’s not working

Okay, I’ll try that, thank you

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It’s still not working, she is still in the same spot doing the animation

the MC is Evelyn

Try to do this

&mc spot
@mc walks to spot x y z % in T and does it while -

instead of having the animation by the first line as well


Okay, thank you. I’ll try that👍🏼

You can’t write “moves to layer 2 in zone 3”
Remove the “in zone 3”
Also, it would help if you pasted your script here.

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Okay ! :grin:

I can’t paste it here as I’m on my phone and can’t copy script

Oh, ok. It’s fine. :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

So sorry about that! If you need my script, I’ll send a picture of it! :cherry_blossom::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

IT WORKED!! I can’t thank you all so much!! It was playing up for ages😂

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