Spot directing error: My character won't shrink!


I’m trying to get my character to shrink and stay at a specific spot. I used the app to shrink and move them around and then I typed in the coordinates that show up on the screen onto my script, but after saving and checking the scene in preview my character didn’t shrink! They are huge!

This problem happened on two of my scenes. On both of them my zoom works perfect but the character doesn’t shrink or move to where I want them too. There’s no script error and my coordinates are exactly as it shows up on the app. Can someone please help me? :frowning:


Can you show me what it is you typed out maybe I can help then



@QUEEN BEATRIX spot 0.644 160 258
&QUEEN BEATRIX stands screen center AND QUEEN BEATRIX is sit
&zoom on 173 207 to 240% in 0
&pause for a beat

Since I’m still a new user I can’t use the @ in this post as it accidentally tags people and I can only tag max 2 people so I replaced the @ in the code (except in the first line) with & but in the script it’s @


You should be able to tack AND QUEEN BEATRIX stands screen center out because you want them to be in the spot not screen center any more.
It should be:
@QUEEN BEATRIX stands in spot 0.644 160 258 AND QUEEN BEATRIX is sit


no like this
@TAYLER spot 0.644 160 258 AND TAYLER is sit


Only change the name!




Your welcome. When you want them to be in a spot you want to make sure you’re not trying to also tell them to be some were else at the same time.


Ooh now I got it! Again thanks so much! :smiley:


Your welcome. :slight_smile:



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Solved and closed. :smiley: