Spot Directing - Getting character to lay upright

I have a character doing the sleep_lay_uncomfortable_awaken animation and that obviously puts the character sideways. But I need them lying in a certain place and for that they need to be upright? I know that you can’t rotate a character but I assumed I could somehow spot direct them upright? I tried putting a “-” in front of the character size but that just flips them the other way. Basically, how can I spot direct my character to lay upright?

I’m not sure I get your isuue :sweat_smile: Do you want your character to be at a certain spot while laynig? Or- …

Ah sorry I had feeling I didn’t explain it very well.

Basically this animation makes you lie down horizontally but I need them lying down vertically (hopefully that’s a bit better). Would I be able to spot direct the character in order to do that or would I just have to use an animation where the character is already lying down upright?

No, unfortunately there’s no way to do that… Unless you bother and make the character into an overlay :slight_smile: Either that or:

Yeah I had a feeling :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks anyways!

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