Spot Directing Help, confused!

Hey! I’m new to making Episode stories and I’m stuck on getting my character to sit down on a chair… there’s 2 characters in the room and I have managed to spot direct one of them in the correct place but for some reason, when I do the same with the second character, she goes bigger and doesn’t sit down? Does anyone know what might be the issue? I did the same steps (spot direct and copying the info) as the first one so I’m super confused lol. Thank you :slight_smile:

They best way to get help is for you to post your script then we can see what the problem might be.

Thank you! I’m trying to get the blonde character to sit on the chair lol

I think the problem is line 123

You want her to do the action after she walks into the scene but you have coded it that while she walks while sitting.

@CHARACTER walks to (spot code)
@pause for a beat
@CHARACTER starts eat_sit_food_hand_neutral

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Thank you so much!! It’s worked :smiley: x

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