Spot Directing Help (INK)

how can I get my character to walk across the bridge then to the door?

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You need to make the foreground railing an overlay so your character can walk behind it, and then you just spot direct the character from one end to the other.

You need to make an overlay first, than you can watch Joseph Evans for spot Directing help! Hopes this helps!! I can’t really do actual coding though lmao

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Joseph Evans didn’t help me at all. Use the directing helper. It will help you get a feel for the spotting.

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i dont know how to make an overlay

I can make it real quick if you give me a sec

As long as it’s lined up and layered correctly it should work hope this helps!

thank you

Your welcome. Sorry it’s not better my stylus is Mia. ATM so I’ve been using my finger :joy:

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