Spot directing help needed please

Idk if anyone gets this problem but whenever I make the character enter it looks irregular like she goes small
I tried to get a picture of it but I can’t

mind the movie lol

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You have to spot her outside the screen I think.
then use the walk command

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sorry but what do you mean by spot outside?

In order to make her the same size you have to use spot directing. @CHARACTER spot 0.939 163 -500 before walking

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Let me know if it works


^ basically what the person above said :slight_smile:

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I tried it and she came up through the left bottom side and it looked weird.
Do you get me?

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Okay can you try using the box

@CHARACTER spot % x y

The “x” coordinate needs to be negative not the “y” coordinate. You can always just move you character to the left and place them off screen and put those numbers into your script.

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