Spot Directing Help Please

Is someone willing to help me spot direct? Like can someone spot direct a ball dance or masquerade?


how many characters in the background? im working on a ball room scene.

  1. Probably more
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damn! I have like 14 in total. hm, okay.

I have 14 in total so I only need 5 more to make 19. So, yeah you can use this one what I’m working on now, and what background are you using?

INT. THE HAMILL BALLROOM - NIGHT okay sounds cool!

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Hey, I also need a spot direction for a ball, would you be ok if i also used your template? I will obviously give you credit
Umm let me know

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of course! If I’m not done, you can check with on instagram. They have script templates for ball and other kinds.

ok thanks so much for the help <3