Spot directing help!

Trying to make my character a bit smaller to be able to show his feet!
in the scene they are cut off.
I go to spot helper tools, and get it how I want it, but then it resets back to what it was when I preview!

please help xx

Are they in a zone?

If so try:

@CHAR spot 1.280 123 90 in zone #
Those are random spot numbers lol.

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I’m trying to get him to enter from the left to screen left and do a full body zoom starting with his feet!

@CHAR stands back left/back right AND CHAR faces right/left

Then try your zooms.


He walk into place but walks back into that default position where his feet are cut off :cry:

Where is the camera set on?
Is it in a specific zone?

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You could spot direct him offscreen and then make him walk into the scene using:

@CHARACTER walks to spot % x y in s

For example:
@CHARACTER spot 1.037 467 124
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.037 205 124 in 3


Try this :blush:

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Place your character somewhere off-screen and then place him on screen
@/char spot (insert spot here)
@/char walks to spot (insert spot here)

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Thank you all, I have figured it out!

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