Spot directing is really important and way easier than "screen center"

Personally, I don’t see how people are able to bare using “GIRL stands screen center” or “GIRL stands screen left”. It is really limited in what you can do, and just makes your story a lot more transparent in the way that you coded it. I think it is really worth it if people take the time to use spot directing- all you have to do is copy and paste where you moved your character on the previewer. (ofc people should use “GIRL stands screen center” when trying to get them on their previewer, but I don’t think it should be the final product) No shame to those of you learning the ropes and feeling the former is more simple- but it really won’t benefit you in the long run, in my opinion.
I think more newcomers to episode coding should really go out of their way to learn the basics from videos or sites. If you’re new and are tired of the limitations of “GIRL stands screen left”, then here are some videos to help:

People who learn better through reading

For people who are visual learners


No offence to anyone, but “stand center”, “stands upscreen left”, “stands back far left” etc. codes are most probably for those who use no zooms and directing in their stories at all.
I prefer spot directing too and it’s not really hard to spot direct, for those wondering, just as @Jess_epi said :woman_shrugging:


I would say they’re good if you’re still figuring out scene composition and camera angles. UPSCREEN LEFT and UPSCREEN RIGHT will give you a very basic, easy tight two person shot if you adjust the zoom a little. The trick is to use them sparingly. I use left and right to frame someone walking into a scene, then I switch to an over the shoulder template for more depth.

Yep!! If u struggle w proportion, u can just grab ur mobile device to adjust. I don’t read stories w no spot directing bc then all the characters r the same size, the guys r all smaller than the girls, and the entire story is just… wrong. It limits u loads w using different bg’s. It took me 2 days to learn to spot direct… imo it’s rlly worth however long it takes u. Zooms + spot directing makes ur story look so much more professional. :white_heart: gl to anyone learning, it’s worth it.

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right, I personally don’t use them often, but I can for sure see them being used, though they’re probably not efficient for a whole story/ shouldn’t be relied on
But maybe I should start using the “CHAR enters” command :thinking:

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