Spot directing issues 😔. Help please?

I have no idea what’s wrong with my script. So here I am, coding a GIF into my script and it loops continuously perfectly, that’s all good. But I added an overlay into the script with my GIF and now it’s refusing to spot direct and scale. Every time I preview it on the app and the web previewer it it’s always in that little original corner. :pleading_face: And the strange thing is that the code looks alright. Any help would be appreciated! :blue_heart:

Here's the code:

@Dara.Amarie some help please! :pleading_face:


So you’re trying to add multiple text overlays right?

For text overlays, the “create text” command is the overlay create command, so you don’t need to add the “overlay OL create” command. You only need the “create text” command.

Also, you need to use different overlay names if you want more than one text overlay in the scene.

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Thank you so much!

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