Spot directing issues, PLEASE HELP!


Here’s the thing, I set up a scene where my character is supposed to be laying in the ground and the co character kneels to help her out, but it seems that my character disappears, and I don’t know why?

Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong ?


Hey so I added “remove CHARACTER” for your other issue because theres a weird thing with the script where if you re-spot a character immediately after they walk to a position, the script doesn’t recognize the new spot placement. So to fix it you had to remove the character first then spot them again. You don’t need to keep adding “THEN remove CHARACTER” after each command.


Ok, so I need to remove them first and then spot then? or the other way around?


No I’m saying that you don’t need to keep removing them.

But your issue for disappearing characters is because you are having them do talking animations, but those animations are for standing. So your character isn’t laying anymore so their spot changes to somewhere else in the scene.