Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

Hiiiii :blue_heart::v:t3:. I’m RudeInception and today we will be discussing Spot Directing. This method will allow you to move/place your character wherever you want to on the screen. Here we go:

Spot directing is made easier when using the Episode app for help. The following image will serve as reference:

Taken from my story: LOBITA

When you open the app to preview your story, you’ll want to click on Yellow and then click Red.
Blue is used to switch characters.
White toggles between Scale and Move.

  • In order to use Scale you drag your finger side to side across the screen. This makes the character bigger or smaller.
  • In order to use Move you drag your finger across the screen. This shifts a character around the screen.

Green gives you the command you need to add to your script.

In general the command code is:
@CHARACTER spot S X Y in zone # at layer #

S = size of the CHAR (default size is 1.280)
X = X axis (left to right)
Y = Y axis (up and down)
zone # = the zone number (1, 2, 3, and sometimes 4)
layer # = the layer number (infinite)

EXTRA TIP: Add your characters into a scene first using the easy command:
@CHARACTER stands __________
Then open up the app and use the Spot Helper (Red) to move the characters around until you’re happy with the results. Finally, simply add the generate code (Green) onto your script.

Now, how to walk while using Spot Direction?
Here’s my guide on Spot Walking!


You should add about walking to spot.

It’s really easier to tell people to go read the guides which explains the entire system really good.

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In my opinion guides are confusing. Too much information for people who are just starting. This is easy and well explained. A lot of starting writers has the same opinion.

I’ve learnt from my friend by asking a questions and other helpful posts on the forum.


I use to do that but people would always tell me they already read it and it was confusing. Hence my own interpretation


The guides aren’t THAT confusing… I started learning from them when i started, I literally wasn’t aware the forums existed until like September 2017. Which may not be a good thing, but I basically learned most of it from the guides, templates scripts and script templates. (I also tried making a practice story that was very helpful).

And really the point is, if you go brief on the guides for half an hour (what’s tons of people say they do) you don’t learn too much… People can start with reading guides and for further questions/ help go to the forums.
But I know the guides literally start with first steps in the writer portal, so don’t say they’re so confusing, because they were helpful to me.

(btw I started writing July 2017, joined Episode about a year ago)

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Good for you you had a friend to help you!

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Hmm… okay. That’s fine but not everyone likes the guides. I started back in 2013 before I knew how to go on the app for Directing help. Wrote a whole story based only on the guides. But I understand that people learn differently now and they don’t need to struggle with the guides like some of us did because we have a community to help review the guides in a cleaner and easier way.
Is that a problem?


You might not think the guides are confusing but that doesn’t mean everyone thinks the same. In the years that I’ve been helping people with their coding I have gotten tons and tons and tons of people telling me that the guides are too confusing for them. The guides show what codes to use but they don’t really do a good job of explaining things, and they’re all a bunch of information cramped together in just one document. I also learned from the guides, but I still created so many of my own guides that have helped so many people over the years. @RudeInception’s spot direction guide will definitely help out so many people, and it will be so much easier to give people the link to this thread than to have to make people read the guides and try to find out which guide and section spot direction is. So thank you @RudeInception for this awesome guide!!


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Lolll, just lyrics of a song people. And just a way to bump up my guide :relieved:


Just here to bump. :smiley: <3

:blue_heart: I’ve actually been thinking about that haha. But in the meantime I’ll be making more written guides


Aww!! Thanks!!



Hey guys, do you know how to get a character to stand in a certain spot after sitting? (Using spot director or something. Haha sorry this is literally the first story I’m writing and I don’t know the terms very well.)

A girl is sitting down in a seat – she needs to stand up right in front of the guy.

The regular commands like “stands center” or “stands right” isn’t working for me. She needs to be scaled correctly as well.


I’ve been wanting to start episode for a long time so I wanted to start with spot directing and while watching videos I found it to be too hard so I’ve been searching for an easy tutorial and an episode friend of mine reccomended the forums. (Which I didn’t know existed 'till now I’ve been missing out it seems) I found your tutorial really helpful so thank you.


So glad to hear that, babes!!



Ok so im writing a story~ Obviously :joy:
AND i have a brother and sister and i want the brother to be TALLER but the sister is Taller! I really need help! Anyone???

So I saw you liking some posts on this thread but I will link it anyways:

Basically you have to change the size of the character.
Check that guide and if you have any questions be sure to come back and ask.

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I joined episode about 2 tears ago and just started writing stories about a year ago. TBH, i still don’t understand anything that these people are saying. I find the forums and stuff on the actual website to be very helpful. This particular example is very helpful though. I would just ask if you could give and ACTUAL EXAMPLE. Like one that we would use on the website and not on the App. THX THO!!! KAIBAI!

Well, you can also use this one the web previewer but I always recommend the app because it is more reliable for spotting.

HMMM… Never thought of that