Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

Hey! So I read this thread but on my phone it doesn’t show the Switch tool, button?

Yea, I know they’ve recently changed things up and I’ve been trying to update it but I can’t because the thread is older and for some reason I’m not allowed to edit it now :unamused::unamused::unamused::unamused:.
So now with the app, you just use a pinching motion for the Scale tool and you swipe your finger around for the Move tool.

Okay, thank you! I’ll try it out :heart:


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I see you said this works for Ink, but does it work for LL?

Yes it works for Limelight too :slight_smile:

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I’ve put in pretty much exactly what you have said above into my story but the characters still are standing on like basic screen right and screen left. Does anyone know why??

my script is:
@NOELLE stands screen left AND NOELLE faces left
@STEFAN stands screen right AND STEFAN faces left

@STEFAN spot 1.599 236 -98 in zone 1 at layer 1
@NOELLE spot 1.425 97 -18 in zone 1 at layer 1

Thanks in advance!

Just leave the spot directions, you don’t have to add any standing commands.

Why doesn’t mine work?

@BECCA Spot 0.8.62 118 225 and BECCA is idle_sit_neutral_loop

The word “spot” needs to be all lower case

@BECCA spot 0.8.62 118 225 and BECCA is idle_sit_neutral_loop

it is :frowning:
It keeps saying too many values to unpack.

@BECCA spot 0.8.62 118 225 and BECCA is idle_sit_neutral_loop

You have too many numbers for the scale… what is 0.8.62 suppose to be?

thats the spot I got from the app.

There should only be one decimal

Yeah I just noticed that and it worked smh.

why when the the characters leave they zoom in as they walk?

You mean they get bigger? That happens when you use the “exits” command when a character is in a spot. You’ll find a fix to that issue on this guide:

In part 3

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I got this error for T. And I need him to face the opposite way as he walking out.

So you have to replace the T variable with an actuall number. T stands for time, as in the amount of time it takes for your character to walk to their spot:


@CHAR walks to spot S X Y in 3

I just got to a scene in my story where I will be using gems but how can I place it for an outfit?

I got this but it doesn’t seem to work in the preview.

choice (change_clothes)

“Keep Dress”{
@BECCA changes into BECCA_1st_date_dress
BECCA (talk_agree_happy)
@BECCA changes into BECCA_goingout_3
BECCA (talk_agree_happy)
No, Ill just wear what I have on

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