Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

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@zoom on 0 0 to 202% in 2
@WILDER enters from left to spot 0.965 46 179 in 4 AND WILDER faces right AND WILDER does it while walk_talk_neutral_loop
More like looking for things to take

I need help with the character walking to that position without it walking like enter from left or right
but its back left but I changes his height I just need help with him walking to talk position without all that
(I might have just confused you a little )

I’m guessing you mean you want your character to come into the scene at the same size as the spot command you have up. Correct me if I’m wrong.

If I’m right:
When you use the enter command, even if it’s combined with a spot command, brings the character in at a default height. So you need to use Spot Walking in order to get the effect you want. I’ve made a guide on this method and you can find the answer to your question on number 1.



Can someone maybe make me a template of some sort to get my character sitting behind the intern background?
My character is: GRACE
Im having a really hard time spot directing and all

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Use background with overlay

&GRACE spot 1.280 86 -67 in zone 3
@cut to zone 3

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Thx this was really helpful

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I did the spot directing from within the app, but it didn’t keep any of my changes. Help please

Did you copy the code from the app to your script?

At first I didn’t, but I left them how they were and I had to use spot directing later. Took me forever with it because the character was laying down.

Is it in your script? It doesn’t save automatically from the app preview, you have to type it in the Writer’s Portal. Otherwise, can you post the code you used here?

It’s in my code now. From the way everyone was explaining I thought it somehow did save it, I thought I wasn’t saving it right some how. But I just have them on basic screen directions. Now that I have a better hold on the spot directing I’m going to try making them the sizes that I want.

Does it show you any error or warning? You can try using the Web Previewer and copy/paste the spot directing code directly from there. Anyway, I hope you get it to work!

I didn’t have her in the right zone was my major problem, once I realized that I was golden.

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I am need you help they are not straight tell me kind code need to put down spot light leshell is not straight.she keep dance on side please help me

Hi, I want my character to move while he is dustoff_loop, but when I do it he just goes to the spot not doing anything. What should I use in my script to make it work correctly?

If you’re talking about she won’t dance straight with that command, it won’t change. Some commands can only be done on sides. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

what’s your script?