Spot Directing Needed (LL)

hey can someone put my character on this bed and then zoom on her and then zoom out as she gets up
as I cant seem to do it

hi! Are you on a computer? I can try to help you out so you can learn to do it :blush:
:blob_hearts: Getting the character on the bed:
First, you’ll need to put your character into the laying down animation which you want
Make sure to use the code @pan to zone 3 to see the bed.
Then preview your story. On the right hand side of your preview, you’ll see ‘show helpers’ and click on that. Then more boxes will appear and you click ‘spot directing’. Now, on the left hand side, there’s a box which says ‘Switch tool:scale/move’.
Scale is to change the character’s size. Play around with this tool for a bit until you’re a bit more familiar with it.
Move your character to where you want it to.

:blob_hearts: Zooming in and out
If you click on ‘Show helpers’, you’ll see a box which says ‘camera’. Click on that and you’ll see button on the left. The ones you’ll need are focus and zoom.
Focus allows you to move the zoom around while zoom is just zooming in
Zoom in to where you want and copy the code from the stage underneath the preview and make sure to add the time (default is in seconds) for how long it will take for the zoom to take place e.g. @zoom ### in 2
@zoom reset TIME doesn’t work. @zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0 (This is the code for zoom reset. Change ‘in 0’ to the time you want e.g. 2)

I really hope I managed to make sense! :blob_sun: I can help you out further if you’re still struggling

ive changed the screen to make it a better one

basically i need her to walk into the screen from right to screen center and then walk over to the wardrobe

you need to use spotdirecting for this

@CHARACTER enters from right to screen center THEN CHARACTER walks to ###
Replace CHARACTER with your character’s the name and the ### with the character’s spot (spot directing)
You can check out the video sent above and this link too:

The link sent above is short but very useful :blob_hearts:

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