Spot directing not working! :/

Whyyy is it doing this?!?

try exting out and then going back in its more then likely a glitch

What do you mean exiting out and then back in? She’s entering initially to sit down.

Exit out of your browser and then go back in close everything out. If its a glitch normally this works.

try to add a zone.

try maybe:

@CHARACTER enters from right to spot % X Y

Ohhh gotcha!

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That’s what the spot is for. That determines the zone by placing the left/right number. She goes to the right spot just too small.

I had to do something similar. I had to have her enter from a spot to spot. I guess it gets weird if you enter them from right or left and then have them spot.

you have her enter in default tho :thinking: it’s probably why it’s not working, try a short pause in between or use spot walking

So u meant it. I thought she is not showing at the right spot. Spot her offscreen first, and then let her work to spot. Enter or exit comment never works well with spots.

No she is going to the right spot but just showing up smaller than what I put on my script.

TRY DOING walk to spot

@KATHERINE enters from right to screen right THEN KATHERINE spot 1.436 254 5 AND KATHERINE moves to layer 2 AND KATHERINE is idle_sit_neutral_loop

Try that :thinking:

THEN KATHERINE is not a valid command

@Jeremy I figured this out on my own, can you close please? :smiley:

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