Spot Directing: Overlay Information Box Too Small

So I am a writer and have been writing stories for this app for about a year now and took a break do to school and personal reasons. I have recently come back to app and wanted to write a new story using the new Limelight style. With new update, things have changed on the app including the sizes of s=certain features on the app. Before, the box that told you the location of the overlays when spot directing used to be not as complicated and the text was bigger. But now, the text when trying to spot direct my overlays is so small that I can’t see the numbers/information and end up having to spend 30 minutes to an hour trying to figure out what information to write so that my overlays are in the correct position.

I don’t know if it’s because I have an andriod or if others have had the same issue, but this is a huge problem for me.

The text boxes that contain the information that is used for spot directing should be bigger so that people like me with this problem can actually see what they are doing. Because it’s honestly hard to NOT write a story with overlays, but if I can’t see what information I need to spot direct my objects correctly then what is the point?

Hmm is the previewer in the writer portal not working for you? :disappointed: because there it’s quite easily to use and you nearly only need to copy paste the numbers

Otherwise the only thing i could do when the previewer wasn’t available then, I took a screenshot and zoomed in :joy:

The longer the overlay name is the smaller the text and numbers are within the app

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