Spot Directing, Overlays, and Getting Started!

Hello everyone! I am not new to reading Episode, but I am certainly fairly new to the process of writing one. I have several questions that I will list below, and if you can give me advice on one or all of them, I would greatly appreciate it.

  1. In my story, I would like for my character to take off her purse and place it on the bed. I have seen this done before in other stories - how do I go about placing the item?
  2. One of the characters is a crazy cat lady! Where do I find some cat overlays, or can I make them myself?
  3. Once the first chapter is complete, is there anything I need to do to end it so I can start the next one, or does continuing the story automatically do that for you?
  4. If have a dressing game option, and the reader selects her outfit, how do I make it so that the character is still wearing the chosen outfit in the next chapter?

Sorry, I know that’s a lot! I’ve just about mastered the basics (I think), but the more advanced stuff is still confusing to me. Thanks for reading! Any and all advice is much appreciated.

  1. You need two outfits, one with the purse and one without. I’ll try my best explaining but you want to be familiar with how overlays work. The character will be wearing the outfit with the purse but for her to place it, she’s going to change into the outfit without the purse while the purse overlay appears at the exact timing. It’s going to take some trial and error to get the timing correct. Also, you can directly save the clothing item from the portal and it’ll automatically be a PNG for you to upload as an overlay.
  1. You can make them yourself if you want but you can also look on public domain sites like Pixabay for cat PNG’s. You can also check through people’s drive to see if they have the cat overlays, remember to give credit!
  1. You can end the chapter however you want but most people like to add an outro saying “Thank you for reading, to be continued, etc, etc” or they would add their Instagram. Either way, once the chapter reaches the last point in your script, it’ll automatically fade out and jump into the next chapter on the app.

  2. You’re going to use a gain or a choice name to help the reader remember their choice.

Hope this answers your questions! You can also check out YouTube, especially Joseph Evans, he has a lot of tutorials for getting started. There’s also a ton of help threads created by Jem for starting your story! (:


@Jenaco Omg thank you so so much for taking the time to outline all of this for me. I finally feel like I am getting the hang of it, and I am really excited to publish my first story soon. You’re a life saver!

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No problem and good luck with your story!! (:

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